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The Filtrexx BioWattles™ are engineeread from a natural biodegradable cotton product that has the necessary flexibility, strength and durability while meeting the flow-through rate required by federal specifications. All our straw wattle and Bio wattle products function as erosion control tubes for perimeter sediment control and work with or without silt fence. Their lightweight is an alternative sediment filter in hard to reach applications.

Fill material is 100% chopped agricultural weed-free straw weighing approximately 2.0 to 3.2 lbs. per linear foot based on size. Their 20’ & 25’ lengths are easily carried to the installation location.

Delivered to your site within 48 hrs if required

Ready to Install Off the Truck

All in One Solution, No Down Time, Immediate Installation. 10/10 EASY TO INSTALL, NO GUESSING

Urgent Dispatch

Mission critical dispatch to Job Site, Project Site, Roadworks, Farm Site, Mine Site, Landscapers, Resellers

Professional Phone Support

Qualified and Experienced help at hand, from how to install and configure for the best results to more complicated erosion mitigation options

Wholesale, Price Guarantee

We are the Bunnings supplier. For quality, support and price contact us direct for the best price

Compliance and Mitigation

Government compliance, site compliance, bank stabilisation, revegetation, sediment control, it’s never too late

Quality and Biodegradable

Made using high quality natural biodegradable cotton, works with your site not against it, will last for a minimum of 18months in harsh conditions, and years in shaded standard conditions

Sub-Contractor Services Available

We can sub-contract support your order with advanced auxiliary equipment and services that will allow you to focus on your work

Aussie Owned, Aussie Qualified

42 Years in the business, expertise second to none, experience with the laws and regulations, a knowledge bank of countless projects completed, on time, on budget

AVOID Heavy Fines and Penalties

Better land management, Save Your SITE, Protect your site, no more downtime


The Bio Wattle is the GO TO erosion, sediment and stormwater runoff management solutions, with limitless configurations and uses, cheap, easy, when in doubt start here, call us to discuss. call us to discuss

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The Filtrexx® BioWattle™ is manufactured at our Goffstown New Hampshire facility and available from our vast distribution network throughout Australia. All our regular straw wattle and BioWattles are installer friendly with two straps wrapped around each coil for ease of handling.

The Filtrexx® BioWattle™ are manufactured to order within 48 hours and delivered to distribution locations or job sites. With our job site trailer service, available at a nominal fee, you can install up to 8,000′ per day / 1,000′ per hour.


-Biodegradable Options No removal needed

– Cotton Mesh + Straw

– A lightweight option for lower peak flows

– Lightweight for hard to reach areas

Technical Specification:

Please contact our friendly team on 0408 368 166 to discuss any site-specific technical specification.

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  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia has the best in market Bio Wattle. It’s designed with high flexibility, biodegradable materials and installer-friendly product in the market which functions as erosion control tubes for perimeter sediment control.

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