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Silt Sock is a sediment-trapping system that utilizes filter layer materials added with or similar to a pneumatic blower tool. Silt Sock captures sand by removing the water that goes into the Silt Sock, which often helps water to drain, forming a strong settling of sand behind Silt Sock.

Silt Sock is used to holding drainage flow in any area which needs sediment control. The usage of Silt Sock applies to places with the high level of flooding, steep terrain up to and over a 2:1 slope and other disrupted building site areas requiring sediment management. Silt Sock can also be used in delicate conservation areas, where the implementation of certain sediment controls, impedes the movement of marine animals. Filter media used in Silt Sock are often capable of holding different pollutants that are present in drainage.


Coir logs, also known as coir rolls, coconut fibre rolls, or coconut sticks, are tubes lined with loose but tightly packed coconut fibre and are then covered with coir netting. Aussie Environmental Coir logs are lightweight and simple to mount – suitable for building inspection systems, maintaining vegetation, handling flux velocity shifts, forming channels and strengthening shorelines. These Logs are 100% biodegradable and can fit in with the environment providing animals and plants shelter over time. The logs are lightweight and can bend across river channels and natural plants. In open drainage, coir logs may be used to reduce water flow and collect sediments, or used in streams and waterways to build a natural barrier buffer for plants and soil. 

Uses of coir logs:

  • Used to limit water flow and collect sediments for river channels, simmers and waterways
  • water-absorbent coir fabrics are 100% organic and fully decomposable
  • Organic matter and seeds trap provides an optimal micro-climate for new plants to cultivate and grow
  • Could be used around sides of the river and waterways to reinforce channels and suppress wave activity.

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  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia company has the best Coir Logs. That’s used to limit water flow and collect sediments for river channels, simmers, and waterways.

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