Compost Blankets

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Compost Blankets are used for slope stability, flood prevention and plant development. It is typically implemented on slopes with the help of hydraulic blower trucks. These blankets work in a particular way for mulch products that provide needed compounds that help increase plant growth, even in places where it could be challenging to fertilize, handle humidity and irrigate.

They act as compost layers which are utilised as a mulch to the soil surface. The compost blankets would defend soil surfaces, retain nutrients and reduce soil temperature. Furthermore, it would enhance the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil, providing a platform of healthy growth, along with nutrients, required for sustainable plant growth.


Also, compost blankets could be used as Compost Rain Water Blanket in several rainwater management projects to minimise run-off in sensitive areas. Where additional strength is required to make the soil surface texture bumpier, compost blankets could also be implemented with a netting erosion and sediment control blanket. Our specialists in stabilisation and erosion management will suggest the most appropriate approach for your project and merge it to build absolutely excellent stabilisation systems.


Benefits of Compost Blanket:

  • Helps to reduce erosion
  • Offers reliability
  • Lower rainwater runoff
  • Increases drainage efficiency
  • Saves water
  • Ensure a safe growth medium for plantations
  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    If you are looking for Compost Blankets in Australia, Integrated Erosion Control offers the best price and quality service. With the help of Hydraulic blower trucks, even slopes challenging to fertilize are taken care of well. Sustainable plant growth with effective productivity seen in results.

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