Silt Socks


Silt Sock is a sediment-trapping system that utilizes filter layer materials added with or similar to a pneumatic blower tool. Silt Sock captures sand by removing the water that goes into the Silt Sock, which often helps water to drain, forming a strong settling of sand behind Silt Sock.

Silt Sock is used to holding drainage flow in any area which needs sediment control. The usage of Silt Sock applies to places with the high level of flooding, steep terrain up to and over a 2:1 slope and other disrupted building site areas requiring sediment management. Silt Sock can also be used in delicate conservation areas, where the implementation of certain sediment controls, impedes the movement of marine animals. Filter media used in Silt Sock are often capable of holding different pollutants that are present in drainage. 

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Silt Socks help the stream of water flow at a steady pace while holding sediment. This is undertaken by a filter cloth packed with organic content. The sock architecture maintains close touch with the ground and prevents water from moving beneath. The fabrics are packed with recycled organic content at 100%.


  • Drainage level regulated at hills and in irrigation channels
  • Allows the trapping and settlement of solid waste without major drilling, ground disruption or creation of a pond
  • Simple disposal and no cost of processing
  • Easily adapted to suit most forms of watercourses/irrigation areas

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