Broadbeach Soil & Mulch Blowing

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Broadbeach Integrated Group use blower trucks to install a variety of landscape mulches and soils into a range of limited access commercial and residential projects.

Bulk materials can also be blown into environmentally sensitive areas that have difficult access such as National Parks – eliminating any impact on sensitive vegetation which occurs with conventional methods of soil and mulch delivery.



What are the advantages of blowing bulk landscape materials?

1) Faster and more efficient than bobcat delivery
2) Eliminates the need for labour intensive wheelbarrow installation
3) Overcomes site access problems by using hoses over distances of up to 100 metres
4) Bulk soils and mulches are blown directly from the truck eliminating messy stockpiles
5) No more lawn and garden damage caused by barrows, machinery and manual labour.

Broadbeach Integrated Group Blow a Variety of Soils and Mulches

Integrated use the latest blower truck technology to install a range of landscaping materials quickly, cleanly and efficiently to achieve a professional finish to any project.

Skilled operators will locate garden, turf and planterbox soil mixes and a variety of pinebark and organic mulches into domestic gardens, courtyards and public open spaces.

Bark and soil blowing is cost-efficient

Blower truck installation of landscape materials reduces material wastage and overhead costs.

If you have a difficult project bark and soil blowing is the optimum solution.

Bulk Soil and Mulch Applications

1) Podium and rooftop gardens
2) Public parklands and playgrounds
3) Commercial and residential landscaping sites
4) Road and rail infrastructure
5) Urban and rural subdivisions
6) Mining and coal seam gas sites.

Locations serviced,

  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    For mulch blowing, soil blowing, soil pumping, bark blowing services Integrated Group is the #1 company in the Broadbeach region.

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