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Hydroseding provides a fast revegetation solution for disturbed areas by providing a micro-climate for the successful germination of a cover crop and native seed mix requiring minimal maintenance.

Hydroseding is widely used in the mining and resource sector to provide fast and cost-effective vegetative rehabilitation outcomes required to satisfy EPA permit conditions.

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What is Hydroseeding?

A stable laminate that anchors the soil while allowing water to penetrate to facilitate germination
A slurry comprising seeds, fertilizer, a carrier media such as cellulose or hemp fibre and a tackifier
Seeds adhere to the carrier media which is sprayed onto the batters to bond with the disturbed area

Why use Hydroseding?

Faster and more effective than conventional seeding and more economical than turfing
Can be delivered by hose up to 100 metres from the truck and up to 50 mertes vertically for sites that have restricted machinery access
The seed carrying fibre adheres to the slope and germinates to create a root mass that aids in batter stability and achieves a vegetative cover
Suppression of weeds and control of dust on site.

Site Evaluation

Integrated personnel carry out a site inspection to determine soil conditions, topography and an assessment of endemic vegetation species before recommending a site-specific Hydroseding solution.

Temporary Irrigation Systems

Integrated will also design and install a temporary irrigation system to ensure the optimum saturation conditions for cover crop germination.

Hydroseeding Applications

Mining and coal seam gas sites
Road and rail infrastructure
Urban and rural subdivisions
Habitat and riparian rehabilitation
Golf courses
Stockpile containment
Dune revegetation.

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