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Organics Compost Blankets are a compost based slope stabilisation, erosion control and vegetation establishment practice used on eroded, bare or disturbed soils, slopes and batters.
A blanket of organic compost is blown onto batters using truck mounted pneumatic blowers, which are capable of delivering the compost by hose up to 100 metres from the source – eliminating the need for machinery access over the already disturbed areas.

Our skilled crew has extensive experience with organic blankets and their application, as a result of which the slop areas are prevented from erosion and soil quality are kept intact.



What are Organic Blankets (Surfers Paradise)?

1) a 50mm layer of green waste derivative created by accelerating the decomposition of solid organic green waste materials under controlled conditions
2) a humus like material certified free of heavy metals, residual chemicals, viable seeds and animal and plant pathogens
3) it conforms to the Australian Standard AS4454 for composts, soil conditioners and mulches.

Organic Blankets Applications in Surfers Paradise

1) mining and coal seam gas sites
2) road and rail infrastructure
3) urban and rural subdivisions
4) habitat and riparian rehabilitation
5) commercial and residential building sites
6) erosion control and stormwater management projects.

Why use Organic Blankets in Surfers Paradise

1) provides immediate erosion control to disturbed areas
2) most cost-effective stabilisation of steep batters
3) engineered control of sheet water runoff
4) optimum compost media for revegetation
5) the preferred erosion control solution for the mining and coal seam gas sectors.

The 50mm thick blanket of compost can be installed in combination with geotextile matting and sediment control soxx to control the sheet water velocity and direction.


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Controlling soil erosion using compost blankets
(NSW Dept Environment & Climate Change)

Stormwater best management practices

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