Bark Blower

Bark Blower is designed with all the required types of equipment that pneumatically deliver all material required for groundworks purpose. Organic material such as compost or mulch holds 10 times more water than normal garden soil. We know exactly what is going on in each mix.



AESTHETICS: Using a Bark Blower to distribute and spread the mulch can not only save time and resources but also ensure that the process is smooth and clean. No messy piles, poor workmanship, or incomprehensible distribution.

PERFORMANCE: It is the effective, stress-free and consistent alternative for people. One of the greatest qualities is that you know precisely the outcomes you’re going to achieve any time you’re running the machine. There are no hours of hard work or poor results.

VERSATILITY & USE: Using Bark Blower to distribute mulch is the most economical and efficient method. The Bark Blowers find it easy and convenient to bring a range of different groundwork coverings to residential or commercial locations, including mulch, gravel and more, without damaging the existing ground.

HEALTH & PROTECTION: One of the most significant qualities of mulching is its long-lasting impact on vegetation, trees, plants and crop safety and defence, which acts as an insulator to meet ground requirements in both summer and winter seasons. This also aids in soil compaction reduction by serving as a protective sheet from heavy rainfall, machinery, and individuals.

WATER RETENTION: The capacity to preserve soil moisture, mitigate evaporation, avoid degradation and drought and eliminate the need for manual irrigation is one of the main benefits of mulching. It is especially critical in hot weather conditions and in an attempt to eliminate physical labour.


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