Blower Truck

The Blower truck provides Natural Solutions which allow us to be 5x faster than landscapers. The Blower trucks can also be used for a number of groundworks projects and other profitable services. By owning one, you could increase your business revenue significantly.


    •   Affordable
    •   Capacity to service entire project portfolios
    •   Using equipment instead of hand labourers
    •   Do not have to stage material on site
    •   Placement of material is uniform and precise

How they work: 

A uniquely designed airlock and blower system powered with the use of a pneumatic distribution system ideally suitable for all groundwork solutions. The inventory is lined up onto the machine’s top or rear which contains mulch, manure, and soil blends. Then it is all pumped into a rotary airlock conveyor. It is then pushed out onto the field by a specially designed device by a blower hose. Trucks often come with remote control technologies, enabling operators to monitor power and material movement from a distance. Generally, this is a two-person operation. But the number of members will depend on the job and the equipment.


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