Compost Blower

Compost Blower is equipped with all the necessary types of equipment that delivers pneumatically all the material needed for basic foundations. Plant content like compost or mulch contains ten times as much water as typical soil.

Compost blower makes use of an organic product that has been decayed for excelled performance and can be produced from a similar source or blend. Used products include vegetable compost, food garbage, fertilizer, or yard and lawn waste. Compost blower, abundant in nutrients, serves as a perfect, nutritious and sustainable fertilizer for your gardens. Compost blower implements soil fertilizer added before harvesting to provide nutrients and enhance soil quality but could be used as a  defensive mulch layer or top dressing in field areas as well.

Material blown by a compost blower can be mixed on the side of the road on a chosen area, it is a good method for new growth. Compost blowers frequently used will offer a clear high growth level and lower plant loss, which is usually treated or discarded for the first few weeks or left upon nature when it rains. The compost blowing is necessary for successful erosion control. 

The compost blown using the blower ensures plants have an optimal growing environment thus ensuring erosion control, It also offers strong fertilisation levels, that acts as wastewater reservoirs by shutting down the pace of rainwater run-off and enabling natural diffusion of rainwater into the soil, enhancing current soil structure and biological conditions.


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