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FilterSoxx can be used around building and production sites to protect the parameters of soil and other soluble contaminants. It’s a Media-filled tubular mesh system that let’s avoid sediment. Silted fencing and straw wattles are a better option. It is used to collect, disinfect and process the rainwater runoff in different pollution management applications. Filtrexx SiltSoxx is commonly used to build a full solution, in conjunction with other sediment management methods. It is designed to help best management practices in stormwater management, erosion prevention and pollutant removal purposes.



Compost drain socks are important to building sites or other polluted places where the surface filtering of the stormwater runoff occurs. FilterSoxx may be used instead of conventional sediments and flood management devices such as a silt fence or barrier to straw bale. The sock compost container was developed by Filtrexx. After years of study and evaluation, the technology has grown with Low Impact Production (LID) solutions in runoff protection, sediment & erosion prevention, pollutant reduction, living walls, cultivation and gardening applications to support the infrastructure and building industry.

FilterSoxx may be loaded in order or pre-filled and put into location, making them highly flexible. In conjunction with other components and mechanisms, efficient and safe approaches can be built for sectors such as oil & gas, bridge and rail design, policy and civic programmes, land and building areas (both commercial and residential), for infrastructure projects, landfill design and repair, recycling (pollution control), metal and scrap yards, and genetic engineering.
To regulate the layer water velocity and speed, Filtrexx ® can be mounted in conjunction with geotextile matting and compost blankets.

Black Filter Soxx

  • Our Black Filter Soxx is an erosion control mesh tube lined with filter content for flood protection and pollution preservation in contaminated environments and can be manufactured to any length. Read more about our Black Filter Soxx here.
  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia company has a Filterexx product, and which can be used around building and production sites to protect the soil and other soluble contaminants.

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