Mulch Blowing

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Mulch is perfect for landscaping especially during cultivation in the dry season, but did you know there is an equivalent method of spreading it other than the conventional use of wheelbarrows and shovels? Mulch blowers will finish the job in relatively less time and obtain a highly effective result. There are other advantages of using blown-in mulch as well with minimal harm to the land and excellent outcome. One being, it significantly reduces the time required to mulch your land. Mulch can be applied in half the time, and much faster than the whole workforce doing it manually. On an average per hour, an individual person could spread one yard of mulch by hand. The same job with two persons could disperse as much as 60 yards an hour or more with a blower. The team would be on your land for less period by adding the mulch faster. That means less congestion on your premise — a significant factor if you are a suburban customer or a commercial company.

Mulch Installation with blowers has an extensive hose that’s hundreds of feet long to reach even the most inaccessible areas and high slopes. Mulch can be quickly added to lawns and fields where a wheelbarrow will be challenging to push around. Mulch deployment with blowers has a wide hose which is hundreds of meters long to cover even the most difficult places around your house, including 30 metre high roofs of buildings. Mulch can be quickly added to the garden beds and fields where a wheelbarrow will be tough to move around.


When using a mulch blower vehicle, there would be no residue left behind while cleaning up, since only the mulch required can be added with the use of the vehicle. The risk to the land is avoided because foot movement would be decreased and no wheelbarrows would drive across the yard. As a company owner, you would always want to avoid interruptions to your activities to minimal while maintaining the land look at its finest.

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