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SiltSoxx uses locally recycled organic materials. Diversion and transfer of these organic products to the soil from landfill sites ensure a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 33,000 lbs of organic materials are diverted for every 1,000 ‘of 8 SiltSoxx used, and the carbon footprint is lowered by 70,000 lbs of CO2e. It is the equivalent of offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of 7 passenger cars powered for one year. SiltSoxx minimizes removal/disposal costs and holds large quantities of plastic out of the landfill. Simply scatter the organic products on-site at the end of the project.


Sediment control is a three-dimensional conical sediment control and stormwater filtration system usually utilized on and around infrastructure operations for perimeter monitoring, inlet protection, test dams, slope interruption and runoff drainage for sediment and soluble contaminants. Traps sediment and soluble particles by processing rainwater as it moves through several organic layers and enabling water to deposit the suspended solids behind the unit. Sediment regulation is often used on sloped surfaces to reduce the sediment flow velocities.

pollutants are removed by:

  • Physically collecting, or depositing, water within the SiltSoxx
  • Bound Chemically to Filter Media
  • Biologically toxic, useful bacterial and fungal substances
  • Significantly lower management and the lowest average construction expense
  • Incomparable & generic performance

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  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia company has a SiltSoxx product, Which uses locally in recycled organic materials.

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