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About Us

Integrated Erosion Control Australia are a south east Queensland based company specialising in the provision of a range of site-specific erosion and sediment control solutions primarily to the building construction and mining sectors. Integrated pride themselves in keeping abreast of the latest erosion and sediment control technology, which they pass on to their clients in professional service delivery.

Plant and Personnel

Integrated’s plant and machinery include blower trucks, hydroseeders, dispenser trucks, water trucks and static filter sock blowing machines. Highly trained staff are expert in compost blanket, native seed and geotextile installation.
All site personnel are equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and are trained and certified in harness operation, working at heights and elevated work platform (EWP) operation.

Project Applications

Integrated’s products and services are widely used for:

  • Mining and coal seam gas sites

  • Road and rail infrastructure

  • Urban and rural subdivisions

  • Habitat and riparian rehabilitation

  • Commercial and residential building sites

  • Erosion control and stormwater management projects.

Project Consultation

Integrated meet with their client’s representatives to get an understanding of the project’s rehabilitation needs before offering site-specific solutions designed to meet those needs. They also work closely with their flora consultant in formulating the most appropriate native seed mixes to replicate the disturbed ecosystems.

Safety and Compliance

At all times, Integrated ensure the provision of a safe working environment that is free from hazards and which complies with the relevant state and federal laws for health and safety. Integrated ensure compliance with all site-specific requirements including Site Work Method Statements (SWMS), Job Safety and Environment Analysis (JSEA) and First Aid requirements.

Sustainable Environmental Outcomes

Integrated are specialists at providing their clients with sustainable solutions designed to rehabilitate disturbed areas by implementing soil stability, erosion control and revegetation measures to return land to predisturbed states.