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Hydromulching is a process that implies the hydraulic application of crop, water, wooden fibre mulch and frequent tackifiers, fertilizer and dye monitoring on degraded soils. Clients prefer this approach over conventional groundworks solutions based on the added mulch, which provides wind and rain erosion prevention, soil optimisation, and crop protection. 

Hydro mulching’s two main advantages are:

(1) Even groundwork application 

(2) Seed germination is fast.



The rain or groundwater must be the source of moisture. Poor germination or growth is always the result of lack of water or humidity. Mulch also safeguards the land from erosion.

Such a cycle starts with the mixing in a tank of soil, manure, seeds and mulch. Then the slurry grass seed mixture which often looks like green paper mache is pumped out of the tank and applied to the ground level. When the slurry seed mixture is poured onto the soil, it improves the initial plant growth by providing a healthy atmosphere for seed germination.


Purpose of Hydromulching: 

Hydromulching is the revegetation supporting technique, which is used for offering environmental security and erosion control to help create seed germination. We recommend hydro mulching to sites with uneven or steep and highly erosive slopes that have experienced soil disruption due to mining, construction or infrastructure works. If bare and disrupted soil is left unattended then environmental damage, wind and rain erosion may cause sediment and debris movement into streams, creeks, lakes, and oceans.

  1. Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia company specialized in Hydromulching, It’s a process that implies the hydraulic application of crop, water, wooden fiber mulch, and frequent tackifiers.

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