Hydro Seeding

Hydro-seeding is an incredibly quick and cost-effective way to instantly set up a ground that suits your needs. This field construction approach provides a low-cost alternative and an instantaneous land solution which is much superior to traditional hand seeding. Hydroseeding, which is rather distinct from hydro-mulching, is the hydraulic distribution which spreads the combination of crop, water, manure, and tracking dye on the absolute top layer of soil by a cannon or pump attached to a hydroseeder.  The fact that it does not use cellulosic fibre mulch in the mixture, with both definitions being sometimes used synonymously, distinguishes this from hydro-mulching.


Usage of the hydroseeding approach over hand-sowing seeds has several advantages. The seeds are covered by the mulch in the mixture and they have space to fertilise and it sticks to the soil such that the mixture will not fall away or diminish with rain. It adds extra nutrients to the soil, as the mulch decays. Hydroseeding can very rapidly revegetate and cover a large region, much faster than direct seeding techniques such as drill seeding, and signifies a much cheaper way of revegetating than the rolled lawn deployed on the ground.


Advantages of hydro-seeding:

  • Less expensive
  • Quick and productive usage
  • A higher percentage of germination
  • Reduce wind and water erosion
  • Perfect on steep slopes
  • The rapid growth of seeds
  • Removal of powder


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