Spray Grass

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The harm caused to the ground or lawn due to flooding can be catastrophic and without adequate safety from the harsh weather events, may at times lead to environmental degradation and tremendous costs of repair. The remedy for such type of groundwork is spray lawn. Now spray grass on an instant lawn which continues to grow. A new outlook and alternative solution to all your groundwork needs.

Spray Grass techniques are appropriate for:

  • Road-side batters
  • Dam sites
  • Bridge approaches and abutments
  • Factory and shopping complex sites
  • Powerline construction
  • Mining sites
  • Land subdivisions
  • Groundworks treatment

Spray Grass or Hydromulch is a blend of grass seed, manure, coloured pigment, and mulch. Such mulch can consist of either wood fibre, paper or straw and can be substituted to match the unique requirements of the groundwork.

All materials are mixed in a specially made tank and sprayed as paper mache style applications on the covering. The hydro-mulch defends the seed from the weather and provides the seed with additional water retaining capability. Germination can be done in only a couple of days, with sufficient irrigation and groundworks treatment. For this purpose, Spray Grass Industry primarily utilises reclaimed products for their hydro-mulch solutions.

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