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Concrete Washouts

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Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for concrete washouts to act as a solids separation and water pollutant filtration device for temporary, passive filtration of sediment-laiden effluent.

Concrete washouts can be manufactured on site at the time of application or pre-manufactured and delivered to site for installation.


Filter Soxx used for concrete washouts

  1. Concrete wash-off and washout from equipment and trucks.
  2. Where surface water is pumped to allow access to stream banks for stabilisation projects.
  3. Sediment and stormwater pond emergency overflow capture and filtration.
  4. Dredging slurry filtration.
  5. Non-hazardous industrial effluent and slurry solids separation from point sources.

Concrete Washout Soxx Installation

  1. Installation of concrete washouts shall ensure that the containment area is sufficient to handle the rate and volume of influent flow.
  2. When installed on non-paved surfaces, stakes should be installed on the inside of the concrete washout at 1.5 metre centres.
  3. Stakes should be 50mm x 50mm x 600mm softwood and should be located as follows:
    • sand and loam soils = 300mm deep
    • clay soils = 200mm deep
  4. Concrete washouts may be installed on top of impermeable mats or geotextiles to prevent percolation of contaminated water into soil.
  5. Concrete washouts shall not be placed near concentrated or high sheet flows of stormwater runoff which may compromise the structural base of the concrete washout.
  6. Concrete washouts may be seeded at time of installation to create a vegetated living bio-filter.
  7. Concrete washouts installed on paved surfaces should be stabilised along the outer circumference using concrete blocks for structural support.

Inspection and Maintenance

  1. Routine inspection should be conducted within 24 hours of a runoff event or as designated by the regulatory authority.
  2. Concrete washout soxx should be regularly inspected to make sure that they maintain their shape and that they are producing adequate hydraulic flow through and solid removal.
  3. If rainfall is excessive, additional concrete washouts may be required to contain the added water volume.

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Concrete Washout Soxx Applications

  1. Mining and coal seam gas sites
  2. Road and rail infrastructure
  3. Urban and rural subdivisions
  4. Golf courses
  5. All erosion control and stormwater management projects.

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