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Erosion Control Matting

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A range of geotextiles are used both stand alone and in combination with compost blanket installations to assist in batter and bank stabilisation and rehabilitation.

Geotextile mats are selected and installed to meet site-specific needs including slope reinforcement, erosion protection and sediment control.

  • Installed using hydraulically driven staple guns and hammer drilled steel anchor pins for hard to penetrate substrata
  • Custom-designed geotextile roll truck- mounted dispenser units increase productivity on site
  • Use of the most advanced anchoring technology
  • Synthetic and biodegradable mats dependent on site requirements.

Why use Geotextile Matting?

  • Geotextile matting of eroded slopes and erosion prone areas provides immediate stabilisation of the disturbed areas
  • When used in combination with Integrated’s compost blanket application, they provide cavities to retain the compost media and allow the integration of the compost layer with the substrata.the sub strata
  • Geotextile mats assist in the provision of site-specific vegetated erosion protection solutions

Integrated use a Range of Geotextiles

Integrated select specific geotextile mats to suit the particular land stabilisation and erosion control needs identified on each project site.

For high velocity water flow areas requiring stabilisation of the compost blanket layer and successful native grass seed germination through the fabric, Integrated chose Grassroots – a long-lasting fabric supplied by Geofabrics Australasia.

For steep batter anchoring Integrated selected Enkamat 7018 – a three-dimensional polyamide geotextile with high tensile strength, flexibility and low flammability. Enkamat is supplied by Maccaferri Australia.

For this residential housing estate, Integrated used TerraMat 3D – selected for its ability to provide dimensional stability to the soil surface and a reinforcing matrix for rrevegetative root growth. TerraMat 3D is supplied by Polyfabrics Australia

Geotextile Matting Applications

  • Mining and coal seam gas sites
  • Road and rail infrastructure
  • Urban and rural subdivisions
  • Habitat and riparian rehabilitation
  • Golf courses
  • Erosion control and stormwater management projects.

1 review for Erosion Control Matting

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    For erosion control matting, geotextile matting, jute matting, geo fabric matting installation and services Integrated Group is the #1 company in Australia.

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