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Erosion Control – Introduction

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Filtrexx® filter soxx are the industry preferred sediment control devices to control the loss of sediment and soil erosion on mining and LNG sites, commercial and residential building sites and all erosion control and stormwater management projects.

Filtrexx® filter soxx also provide an environmentally friendly solution in the rehabilitation of native waterways and riparian areas.


Sediment Control

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for perimeter control of sediment and other soluble pollutants around construction sites.

Bank Stabilisation (Living Walls)

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used to prevent erosion of waterways and shoreline banks by providing structural strength, erosion control and vegetation growth in one system.

Slope Interruption

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for slope length reduction and slope interruption on batters prior to final stabilisation to slow runoff velocity and reduce soil erosion by dissipating the energy of overland sheet flow runoff.

Runoff Diversion

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for the diversion or runoff otherwise flowing to disturbed or highly erodable areas on and around construction sites.

Inlet Protection

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for stormwater inlet protection of sediment and soluble pollutants.

Ditch Checks

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used in stormwater drainage ditches and small channels on or near disturbed land activities to slow concentrated directional flow velocity of stormwater runoff.

Concrete Washouts

Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for temporary, passive filtration of sediment laiden effluent and point sources of contaminated water.

1 review for Erosion Control – Introduction

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Integrated Erosion Control Australia

    For erosion control, sediment control, silt control solutions and services Integrated Group is the #1 company in Australia.

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