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Bank Stabilisation

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Filtrexx® filter soxx are used for the perimeter control of sediment and other soluble pollutants around construction and mining sites.

Filter soxx used for sediment control can be installed downslope from any disturbed area and are most effective when installed perpendicular to sheet or low concentrated flow.


Filter soxx uses for bank stabilisation include:

  • Creek, stream and riparian bank stabilisation
  • Pond, lake and shoreline stabilisation
  • Sediment, stormwater retention and detention pond bank stabilisation
  • Riparian, stream bank, tidal creek, habitat and ecological restoration and revitalisation.

Sediment Control Soxx Installation

  1. Bank stabilisation shall be placed in a manner that protects the entire bank or shoreline from erosion and destabilisation.
  2. Bank stabilisation must be installed and stabilised before concentrated flow is allowed to contact bank or slope area.
  3. Excavation should be to a minimum of 300mm below scour line for streams with flow depths of 150mm or greater.
  4. An optional geotextile fabric may be anchored to the bank to provide additional bank stability and anchoring surface.
  5. On-site fabrication of bank stabilisation soxx will ensure a continuous length soxx system.
  6. Bank stabilisation shall be placed parallel to water flow and perpendicular to wave action. soxx are to be tightly stacked or abutted to prevent water seepage.
  7. Bank stabilisation shall not be installed on banks or shorelines greater than 1:1, and 3:1 if mowing will be conducted to manage vegetation.
  8. Stakes shall be installed through the middle of the bank stabillisation soxx at a minimum of 1.5 metre centres.
  9. Stakes should be 50mm x 50mm x 600mm softwood and should be located as follows:
    • sand and loam soils = 300mm deep
    • clay soils = 200mm deep
  10. Bank stabilisation shall be seeded at the time of application.
  11. Seeded bank stabilisation shall be thoroughly watered after installation and allowed to settle for 1 week.

Inspection and Maintenance

  1. Routine inspection should be conducted within 24 hours of a runoff event for the first year after installation or until permanent vegetation has established.
  2. Seeded bank stabilisation shall be maintained until a minimum uniform 70% cover of the applied area has been vegetated or permanent vegetation has been established.

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Filtrexx® filter soxx can be installed in combination with geotextile matting and compost blankets to control the sheet water velocity and direction.

Bank Stabilisation Soxx Applications

  • Mining and coal seam gas sites
  • Road and rail infrastructure
  • Urban and rural subdivisions
  • Golf courses
  • All erosion control and stormwater management projects.

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